Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body. ~Cicero~
Hello! My name is Alejandra L.
I'm a 39 years old woman.
I am based in Alexadria, Virginia.
You can reach me by phone at
or by email at


I'm lay back and like to interact with all kinds of people learn from them and help them I can tell that one of my passion in this life is help people....I enjoy doing that...
love to laugh and enjoy my life to the most I can because I don't what is going to happen tomorrow.
My story
I born in Boliva moved to the US when I was 17 yrs and since then I'm learning how to accomplish my goals I been depress for a longest time I can think...last year I was so bored (depress) that I couldn't leave with myself one day I woke up and decide to do something totally different so I enrrolled myself in a Massage Therapy class during the time my class last I learn to relax trough massage besides meeting the most peculiar and different people...including Michael Murphy who I meet through a massage friend and who I owe a lot he help to find myself again and comeback to right path in my life. At the en of my class I learn so many things but one in particular...what a 60 min. massage could do for one person... help to realease emotions, pain, emtionally and phisically I didn't relized that I was able to help other people jsut to give them a short period time where they forget about everything else and just focus in "nothing besides relaxing and enjoying" also at the same time helping myself to relax and do what I enjoy the most help. Unfortunatelly I haven't finish totally the process of getting my license to be able to work in the field but I do masage some friends and friends of my friend which I enjoy doing some day definitely will finish with the process and will be able to practice more meanwhile I'll keep learning more and be more prepare to do what I love.
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I'm a massage practicioner
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Michael Murphy
2008-07-12 06:35:07
I was wondering if you keep up with your work on people or did you just stop working on them to much work????

Mike Murphy

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