keep your coins i want change!
Hello! My name is jessye anderson.
I'm a 33 years old woman.
I am based in san pedro, California.
You can reach me by phone at
or by email at


i am 21, live in sunny so cal. i meet michael murphy I met him in one of his projects
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i give plenty of services.. i like to help others when I can
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I went to San Pedro High School, which i graduated @ 17 in 2004. Then to LBCC & took classes in business & photography. Photography is 1 thing that can always change my mood from bad to good... no matter what is going on! =D
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jessye anderson
2008-04-02 12:01:55
day 4... still going on sobriety isnt that fun, but maybe thats just because im not used to living sober...

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Creative outlets (art, music, dance therapy)
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Growing up hidi...
March 31, 2008

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