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Hello! My name is Eric Langevin.
I'm a 47 years old man.
I am based in Quebec, Quebec.
You can reach me by phone at
or by email at


I am a 40 year old man and I live in Quebec (Canada). You can see my webpage at (in french for now).
My story
I started working with alternative medicine 15 years ago while I was looking for natural ways to cure my allergies.
Kinesiology has brought me great relief and I almost immediately begin training in this area.
Over the years I have added several other types of therapies to my practice.
I invented a device for the home harmonisation named the "Radiant Harmonizer". This instrument (the picture of my profile) is designed to improve the energetic and vibrational state of home. It harmonises electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress and any negatives energies and restores vitality of home. It is a reassuring presence in the living space and a valuable tool for every human being in search of wellness. You can see it at:
My services
I offer a variety of therapeutic services: Kinesiology, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Radionic, Flower Essences and other energy healing.
I work mostly with kinesiology who not ceases to amaze me with these wonderful results!
My therapeutic practice is carried out in joy and respect of my clients.
My education
I have an academic background in art history and several courses in alternative medicine.
My experience
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