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Trauma Release

There is so much pain inside people; their childhood might have been a nightmare and their life time of pain is horrendous. A practitioner, a friend or someone on the street might listen to their story, and suddenly their own problems do not seem so bad. You know who these people are… they have undergone high amounts of pain in their lives. But how many times should a person relive their past?

Many people are stuck in a loop of pain and unknowingly, by telling their story over and over, they are somehow feeding the pain. What is the payoff for such a constant revival? How can a practitioner make them believe that they survived a horrible life and yet they are still alive and they made it under circumstances that many would have not survived? Most of the people who have survived high degrees of pain, live to be able to help others through their own pain.

This Energy Mover was designed to assist in releasing the pain that is beyond pain, to help free those who hate their pain and hate themselves because of grief and the negative energy that is trapped inside their body.

The Trauma Release Energy Mover also may help to release the trauma out of broken bones and injured body parts that are under high amounts of physical pain. It helps the brain find the pain so it can let go of it forever.

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