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Transforming Rage

One of the most powerful emotional energies is Rage. It is, in fact, 5 to 10 times stronger then love. The energy is so strong that people can feel it even when they are not physically near to the enraged person. Try walking into a room where there was just a fight. The people there will smile and act as if nothing is wrong, but the energy is there strong and powerful.

The principle of energy is that it never disappears, it simply transforms itself. For example, when we turn on a light bulb, the electric current will transform into light energy and heat energy. The same can be said of rage. People try so hard to eliminate it, unsuccessfully. It is best to work with it and transform it into useful energy. This can be done with sessions and with the change in the vibration of the rage. Also, this Energy mover can help with sessions, to address the underlying issues that are causing the rage.

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