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Stomach Ulcer test

It is estimated half of the world\'s population is infected by the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori.H. pylori has been known as a Class 1 Cancerogen since 1994 (World Health Organisation). People have a 6-7 times higher risk for stomach carcinoma if H. pylori positive. No symptoms are normally present during the first years of infection of H. pylori. H. pylori causes chronic gastritis in the stomach and duopdenum, then later causing the formation of ulcers. Once diagnosed it is easily treatable with antibiotics and after positive eradication the re-infection rate is very low (only 1%).

Sterile rapid test to detect an infection of Helicobacter pylori linked to stomach ulcers
Fast & reliable - visible result within 10 minutes
This test has been extensively evaluated by the largest European screening study
Kit includes: 1x single test cassette, full instructions

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