What can Radiokinesis DO?
By Michael Murphy on April 8th, 2008(viewed 2260 times).

Radiokinesis is much more then just a type of Kinesiology, it is a tool system to add to your work such as:

Health Kinesiology (HK), Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health (TFH), Touch for Health Kinesiology (TFHK), Edu-K, Edu-Kinesthetics or Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym, NAET, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Clinical Kinesiology, Three-In-One, One-Brain, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP), Neural Organization Technique, Behavioral Kinesiology (BK), Kinesiology, etc. It also works with animals, although it is not veterinary medicine.

By using Radiokinesis, I feel that most of your hard work will turn into a much more genuine type of subtle-energy work. Most people find that using kinesiology for emotional types of corrections seems to have a much more painful clearing then the normal type of body work. Using energy movers to balance you body’s energy flow while working on a person keeps them in check.

Most people that do kinesiology work will see a client give a bad response to the muscle testing they are doing which implies that the client is out of balance. "Ding, ding, the bell rings" -- and you have to balance them again. I found more often than not that using energy movers keeps the client in balance the whole session. That in my mind helps a lot to keep myself in balance as well.


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