Vaccines and their ingredients
By Michael Murphy on March 24th, 2008(viewed 2853 times).



Vaccine Ingredients


Long has the world debated over this topic. Are vaccines good or bad? Is the answer more then you thought to worry about?  Is it linked to?


  • Autism
  • Posing
  • Diseases


What is in them? Should you put something you have no idea about in your body. The video talked about this so I went looking at the CDC website. For the next few minutes let me share what have known and found to you.


After reading what is included in the ingredients take a moment to consider the pros and cons.  Learn what is in the pie before you eat it, so to say. Facts in on this topic weight much heavier then hear say or assumption. Allergies are a good example of how you can never know how something will affect you until ingested or injected. Peanuts, for example, are deadly to some yet others can eat them just fine. The fact peanuts can almost kill a person with an allergy from the smell alone is the reason schools don’t let them in the door. Vaccines are the same in the respect that there is no perfect fit and no person is the same. If one person has low torrents to them, is it possible to say it is safe for all? Why do doctors say oh yeah does your kid have any allergies will so he doesn’t kill them? It is a lets “Wait and See Chance” you play, no different then waiting for a disease to hit you or your loved one. With everything to lose in the balance like eyesight, hearing, motor functions, as well a severe mental and emotional effects. Vaccines Who Makes them? What’s In Them?


Compiled by Dawn Winkler Concerned Parents for Vaccine Safety

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Possible Side effects from Vaccines


I read this and I think oh my god why on earth would jerking and slamming about make me think yeah put that in my body I want to ride that out!!! To be safe!  


 Requirements & Laws


CDC Knew of Potential Link between Vaccines, Autism






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2008-03-24 06:44:34
HIV vaccines - bad news, good news

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