Undiagnosed Staphylococcus aureus bacteria Infection.
By Michael Murphy on April 2nd, 2008(viewed 2497 times).


I stood in the front of the mirror and just look at my body head to toe I was covered with an unknown rash. I had gone to the doctors to get check out and they had no idea what it was at the time.


  I remember asking why did this happen to me I felt ugly, and was in pain, the pain was so painful. I also had thought, did I do something to cause this? And What was it, was I eating something was this allergy rated since I had the test from the Dr. and I still was sick with this I could not believe it. They offered me creams and ointments and other stuff pills some helped make the pain stop but I still had this horrid rash on my next my legs my arms and under my breast not to mention the fact it was so red and ugly to me and to everyone else that saw it. My friends and family kept looking at me and pushing me to go back to the Doctors and demand something new to be done.


After I got sick of scratching and itching my self till I was raw I heard about kinesiology from a person that told me you need to tried this it might just help you what do you have to lose she ask?


I told her she was right and went to a kinesiologist and an acupuncturist and a healer so called but still nothing although it did help a little but then I heard about this kinesiologist and set an appointment with Health Kinesiologist Michael Murphy.


When I met him he was so young I was shock by his mind and how much he knew with in one min with me I was a little scared at first because he knew things about me and I was a very privet person.


I ask him why I have this rash. and I showed him and he said it don’t matter what it is just that it is there to show you something is wrong inside, or outside. He did not even think about what it was he thought it has a cause that is where you need to focus on it.



With in my first session I found out I had wheat allergies that were making my skin even worst. Wine and beer was in the list of my pleasures I learn was hurting my system but soon was corrected. We also did a lot of my past problems working with my mind and all my stories from the past that were blocking my own bodies healing process.


I mean I cried a lot and I think it was worth it because my first session opened me up to a lot of self changes inside me! I change the way I was acting with men and people around me letting them used me and hurt me. My ex relationships that had put me in to a place where I was out of control to the point I was not the real me.


One thing I could not believe is that Michael would have known so much about me I never told him anything about me. He just told me what my body was sharing with him threw muscle testing and I never had that ever happen the way he was doing it was truly amazing thing.


The interesting thing was every time he touch on a issue from my past my skin would start to burn and itch.



As he went threw one issue from my past at a time he would say next and we would just move right along it was very strange to have so much pain emotionally come up and then just leave then he would said next.  



I just want to say I have had plenty of counseling before and which I paid a lot and never did I ever go this deep in to my past or getting this much out I felt great. I would said watch out Dr Phil Michael Murphy is on his way up.


I know my pictures are hard to look at but I want the whole world to know if you feel lost and ready to give up don’t  there is something out there that will and can help you just do you home work don’t Give up!









Thank you Michael Murphy   



Michael Murphy
2008-04-02 01:54:47
After correcting this problem, I talked to her about a year later and she told me that it had come back after about a year. But at that point I was out of Arizona and far away, but she went to a DR again and he did a culture of the skin and found that indeed it was
Staphylococcus aurous bacteria Infection. I was impressed because that is a really hard problem to get rid of and she had it fix for over a year. And then came back again finding out it was related to her man. He was re-infecting her with it. It is not important how but that is what was happing to her again. And from what I heard she has never had it again.

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