US Food and Water Supply Poisoned by Perchlorate
By Diane Vanas on September 5th, 2008(viewed 1788 times).

Food and Water Supply Poisoned by Perchlorates!

I am reprinting this alarming article here for educational purposes. 
I feel very strongly that ever American should know this. 
Unfortunately this is the tip of the iceberg regarding environmental
toxins that are making us all sick. This article does help explain a
great deal about the causes of some of these so called "we don't know
what causes your problem", responses from your medical doctors.  Even
though this article is speaking about the water supply, this toxin is
also in the air we breath and is systemic in the environment, not just
the water.
by Joanne Waldron
(NaturalNews) According to a report by the Organic Consumers
Association, a toxic chemical that is a by-product of rocket fuel is
rapidly poisoning the food and water supply in the United States.
Known as perchlorate, this chemical has been found in 93% of the
nation's milk and lettuce supply in a recent FDA study. It has also
been found in the drinking water for at least 22 states at extremely
alarming levels. Perhaps the scariest statistic is that perchlorate
has been found in the breast milk of 97% of the mothers who were tested.
What are Americans supposed to eat?
Unfortunately, lettuce and milk weren't the only foods that were found
to be contaminated. Perchlorate was found in tomatoes, carrots,
cucumbers, spinach, citrus, melons and more. Sadly, even organic
vegetables were affected, because most crops are irrigated from
polluted water sources. In a article by Amit Asaravala,
Bill Walker, the vice president of the Environmental Working Group's
West Coast operations, was quoted as saying, "The study confirms what
we and some other people have been saying for a while -- that
perchlorate is not only a problem in areas with known water
contamination but for anyone who eats food grown in the U.S."
A report by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) warns that
ingesting lettuce or any other vegetable that is grown anywhere
irrigated by the Colorado River would result in an exposure to an
unsafe level of perchlorate per standards set by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Farms that use this water for
irrigation are responsible for growing almost all of the lettuce sold
in the United States during the winter months. The EWG also reports
that if a pregnant woman were to eat an ordinary serving of vegetables
with the contamination levels that were found at Lucky Farms, a San
Bernardino grower of lettuce and other vegetables, she would get a
dose of rocket fuel over 100 times greater than what the EPA would
consider "safe" for a liter of drinking water. Wow! Health-conscious
consumers who eat a plant-based diet consisting of lots of dark,
leafy greens, fruits and vegetables could actually be harming their
health by consuming toxic levels of perchlorate.
According to a website by Laura Power, MS, PhD, LDN, perchlorate is a
toxin that interferes with thyroid function by supplanting iodine in
the body, causing harm to iodine transporters. This can be responsible
for numerous health problems, notes Dr. Power, including
"hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, goiter, breast disease, disruption
of the menstrual cycle, immune system dysfunction, poor fetal
development, and mental retardation of newborns." A book by Mary J.
Shomon, Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn't
Tell You... That You Need to Know (Revised Edition), reports that in
areas with the greatest amount of perchlorate contamination, rates of
congenital hypothyroidism are much higher than normal which means
that pregnant mothers need to be particularly concerned about this.
To illustrate the severity of the problem, a CDC study demonstrated
that in the 36% of women in the U.S. with low iodine intake, just
about any exposure to perchlorate at all was associated with a
substantial change in levels of thyroid hormone. That's over one in
three women. Moreover, the Organic Consumers Association reports that
for every one out of ten of these women, if they were exposed to as
little as 5 ppb of perchlorate in drinking water, the subsequent
hormone disruption would require treatment during pregnancy for
sub-clinical hypothyroidism.
f a woman is overly fatigued, depressed or overweight, she may be
suffering from hypothyroidism caused by perchlorate contamination.
According to Dr. Power, there are many other symptoms of
hypothyroidism such as brittle nails, poor memory, constipation,
menstrual irregularities, high cholesterol, poor concentration,
irritability, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss and more. Imagine how
frustrating it might be for a woman who is drinking lots of water
and eating lots of healthy salads but isn't making any progress
losing weight due to thyroid disease caused by perchlorate ingestion.
Clearly, anyone who has the above symptoms should consult a qualified
health care provider immediately.
Check the Water Supply
One thing everyone can do is to check their water supplies. A map
provided by the EPA shows the location of all of the perchlorate
releases as of April 2003. The Environmental Working Group (EWG)
also provides a table of where top soil or ground water is
contaminated by perchlorate and a table that shows sites of known
perchlorate use in 36 states. As previously noted, many who live
near the Colorado River are affected (about 20 million people).
Install a Water Filter
Those who live in areas that have been contaminated should definitely
install a water filter capable of removing perchlorate, probably some
type of reverse osmosis filter. These filters won't remove all of the
perchlorate, but it is best to reduce the amount of perchlorate to
the extent possible. Reverse osmosis filters won't remove things like
radon from the water and are probably best combined with a carbon
filter. Needless to say, those with children attending schools that
use water contaminated with perchlorate should take action to demand
that the schools install proper filters, too, as drinking
perchlorate-contaminated water could cause developmental delays in
children, according to Dr. Power.
Get Sufficient Iodine
Unfortunately, there is no way to remove perchlorate from
contaminated vegetables, and buying organic produce doesn't help
when it comes to perchlorate. One can try to purchase vegetables that
aren't grown in areas that use contaminated water to irrigate crops,
but this probably won't be possible for the majority of people.
Obviously, people can't stop eating. However, it is absolutely
essential to ensure that one's diet has a sufficient amount of iodine
to attempt to compensate for any perchlorate ingestion. Some people
may wish to supplement with kelp or eat more sea vegetables, but it
is best to discuss the proper dosage of any supplements with a
qualified healthcare provider.
A Wake-up Call
When people have to be concerned with drinking a glass of water or
eating a salad, there is a problem. The FDA reports that the
inhibition of iodine uptake by perchlorate is a "precursor that can
lead to hypothyroidism," and pregnant women and their fetuses are
"the most sensitive populations to the health effects of perchlorate."
How bad will the situation have to get before environmental regulators
will no longer be able to ignore the mass poisoning of the nation's
food and water supply?

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