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The study of muscle and body work.

By Michael Murphy




Each energy mover I have designed has been tested and retested by the experience gained from the many clients' bodies that I have worked on. Other Health Kinesiologists have also used my energy movers and found them to be effective in working on their clients' energy systems. Most of my clients were very ill at the time that I asked their body (by muscle testing) if there was anything that I could do to assist the body in speeding up the process of its healing rate. Most often people believe that there has to be something more to help them. In America, there is little known about alternative healing methods that utilize the body's inherent wisdom. If the body's proper energy flow can be corrected, the body has the ability to heal itself. For centuries, Chinese Medicine that works with the body's Meridian System has been helping people to get over problems in ways that Western Medicine cannot even explain.         

With energy movers, I have found that my job as a Health Kinesiologist became so much more efficient. I was able to not only help people get better faster, but was also able to get more done on my clients. Previously, for just three procedures it used to take me about five hours to complete the work. Some of my clients had jobs and children at home and would only be able to spend an hour or two. Holding points is hard for the body and the practitioner. Acupuncture is also the same concept, and it takes a long time for the body to process the information. The energy movers were designed by the body for when we need speed and performance, to be able to help the body as fast as the body could go, but also in a gentle way.
Within most of the energy movers there are a lot of different frequencies: Bach remedies, homeopathics, essential oils. The best way to explain how the body can repair itself is to tell you that when something is damaged you need to know how and what was involved with the injury. The body almost needs to recreate the scene of the crime in order for it to be able to get us to see what happened and how to fix it.




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