Medical Definition of Radiokinesis is
By Michael Murphy on April 10th, 2008(viewed 2883 times).

Medical Definition of Radiokinesis is:

Radio- denotes radiation from any source. Transmission of signals, frequencies.

Kinesis- from Greek "κίνησις", movement, motion. A suffix that denotes movement, activation.


The combining of these two words becomes "Radiokinesis" (word coined by Michael Murphy), which is more then just movement and activation or radiation. The word "radio" in Radiokinesis is part of kinesiology which means testing the vibrations of energy frequencies around the body and in the body. It means being able to pick up on (detect) the waves sent through the energy system or nervous system and meridian system. 

How can muscle testing do this if the body is unable to send proper signals through either system?

By using Radiokinesis, or any type of kinesiology that uses muscle testing, you already are using Radiokinesis to get the info that is sent from the brain to the body parts that are sending signals back to the brain, then back to the muscle that is being tested.


current /cur·rent/ (kur´ent)

1. anything that flows.

2. Electric c.


Action current - the current generated in the cell membrane of a nerve or muscle by the action potential.

Alternating current - a current which periodically flows in opposite directions.

Convection current - a current caused by movement by convection of warmer fluid into an area of cooler fluid.

Direct current - a current flowing in one direction only.

Electric current - the stream of electricity that moves along a conductor. Symbol I .

Galvanic current - a steady direct current, especially one produced chemically.

Current of injury - a flow of current to (systolic c. of injury) or from (diastolic c. of injury) the injured region of an ischemic heart, due to regional alteration in transmembrane potential.

Pacemaker current - the small net positive current flowing into certain cardiac cells, such as those of the sinoatrial node, causing them to depolarize.


I posted this definition so you all could see that there are meanings to the word current.

In Health Kinesiology or Radiokinesis, a current of energy is contained inside each meridian, in the body's energy system internally.

Outside the body, an energy field is created by the flowing currents of energy inside the meridians.

Practitioners of Reiki or other field energies are working on the outside field. Energy issues such as a weak energy field, allows depression or other outside energy effects to come into the body and change the inside current flow of energy.

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