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Hamburger Helper

ALL Sports Drinks, like Gatorade


Cocoa - ready made

Chewing Gum, especially the "sugar free" kind

Processed dinners and foods

Most canned Soups and foods. Check label for MSG.

Beef - Unless Organically grass-fed grown.

Pork (in any form)

Fast Foods including Hot Dogs !

Fries ( the oil used to fry, releases a toxic poison into the fries)

ALL sodas, except for Gingerale

Store bought vitamins = loaded with dyes, and additives and Aspartame !



Diet Foods and drinks


Life Saver candy

Mouth Mints

Peanut Butter (commercial)

Margarine - NEVER use this ! Use real butter.

Cake Mixes

City treated water.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Cows Milk

Chips - ALL of them ! (The oil used gets toxic at the high temperatures used and has caused blindness)

Canola oil ; Cottenseed oil (makes the blood thick like a sticky glue substance - causes heart attacks and strokes !) Always use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for EVERYTHING !


Cow Milk Cheese

Artificial Cheese ('CHEESE FOOD', they call it).

Ready made Puddings

Anything with 'unsaturated oils' in it.

Anything with ' partially hydrogenated' oils in it.

Anything that lists "spices" or "flavorings" - these are 'cover' words for MSG & Aspartame !)


MSG & Aspartame cause brain seizures, brain cell death and damage, - turns brain cells into mush basically. You will notice headaches, loss of memory, learning problems, black-outs, hyper activity, etc.

Once brain cells are damaged or dead, they are gone forever.

These cells do NOT repair or replace themselves.

MSG & Aspartame go under too many names to list; they are disguised under so many. These poisons are virtually in everything on the grocery shelf !

Also other poisons like Propylene Glycol (antifreeze) are in our foods too !!! Check out cake mixes, for example.


You would be shocked to know all the additives that are in our "foods" that we ingest daily; then we wonder why cancer , heart disease, diabetes, stroke, learning problems, hyper-active kids, violent kids, autism, etc. are epidemic in America ?

You just simply cannot mess with the brain like they are and expect nothing negative to happen !

[ This is not to forget about all the child vaccinations that damage brain cells over and over as they are being plunged into our children from birth on ! Autism is directly related to child vaccinations as are the sudden rise in violent kids and learning problems !! ]


We wonder why we now have young people just dropping dead by age 54 ??? Michael Landon, John Ritter, John Candy, Bill Bixby, Sonny Bono, to name just a few ! (Sonny Bono was drinking diet coke just before going out on the slopes. No one knows why this skilled skier just suddenly veered into a tree ! Could he have had a brain seizure (black out )) ?

And then there are all those *healthy* athletes that just drop dead on the floor during a game or just afterwards !

Then there are all those young people who are getting Parkinson Disease, and MS. ALL TIED TO MSG AND ASPARTAME !!!

Michael J. Fox for example, is said to be addicted to 'diet coke', as many people are, because the stuff IS ADDICTIVE !!!

What's so bad about these 'diet' sodas and drinks ??

ASPARTAME, that's what !! They are loaded with it.

Many air pilots that have drank a diet coke before flying, have had plane crashes due to them "blacking out" - - a brain seizure !!! This is a well kept secret !

Aspartame causes the very thing in the heart that killed John Ritter !

All those "artificial" flavorings in those drinks are MSG !!


Every time a person eats or drinks or chews (gum) anything with these poisons in them, they are doing brain damage to themselves !

There's a reason for all the sudden Alzheimers (In younger and younger peopele!) we have been seeing these past several years !!! People as young as in their 30's are now being seen with the onset of this disease ! It's not just from aluminum pots and pans, because aluminum is also another 'additive' in many of the things we ingest or use on our bodies ! Anti-acids (Tums, for example), powders, anti-perspirants, and some of our foods, also have Aluminum in them !!


This list is not complete by far, it is just a short list to give you an idea of what to avoid in every day life. It is meant to encourage you to really LOOK at those labels, as deceptive as they try to be. It is meant to make you aware of the poisons that you are putting into your body without realizing it; taking for granted that you can *trust* the FDA to be your 'guide' for health, as they portray themselves to be.

You really need to watch out for yourself, and trust no one with your health. It is YOUR body, not their's, so they don't care if you are used as an experiment or test !

Now they are coming out with more *artificial* (GE) foods, that are going to be real deceptive killers ! Since your body NEEDS enzymes to function and absorb the foods you eat, you will be slowly starving yourself to death (literally) on these GE (genetically engineered) 'foods', since these GE 'foods' do not have any enzymes in them ! Same with 'nuked' foods - the life-giving enzymes have been killed. There is a good reason why all those starving countries have turned down our GE foods ! They are wiser than we "educated" Americans think we are !!

And for all our 'wonder' drugs, vaccinations, and medical care, we are still the most UNhealthiest nation in the civilized world !

Only in America are there the long lines at the doctor's offices and drug stores ! We are a drugged society, thinking a pill will be the cure-all for whatever is wrong with us ! We have become so brainwashed on drug therapy that natural foods (that could really make us healthy) are never sought after - just the way the gov't really wants it !

The drug companies in America are the wealthiest companies in the world ! More so than the oil companies !!!!

That is something to really think about !!

Greed has become the number one criminal aspect of it all !!




Is The Government Poisoning Our Foods ?

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