Health Kinesiology
By Diane Vanas on August 19th, 2008(viewed 1710 times).


 A  "Mind, Body, Spirit"  Energy Work - Developed by Jimmy Scott Ph.D.

What is Health Kinesiology?  In a nutshell: “de-stressing your energy system”

What does that mean? We work with the body’s electrical system.  Perhaps you realized we are electrical in nature.  The brain and body are constantly alive with billions of electrical and chemical signals. (i.e. the heart, brain, nervous system) 
Meridians: (the same as acupuncture uses) 14 major pathways like highways throughout the body which flow with a fluid vital for life.  Meridians are electromagnetic in nature with a charge of .05 microvolts. 
Physical health and well-being are a direct reflection of the energy system.  It is the blueprint of the body.  Anything that is stressful for an individual creates an imbalance in their energy system. Imbalances can occur as a result of nutrition, emotions, thoughts, injury, environmental chemicals, electromagnetic pollution, etc.  Health Kinesiology corrections unblock and restore proper energy flow in the meridians, so the body can heal itself. Everything electrical in nature has an energy field (aura).  Kirlian Photography reveals the human energy field to be a rainbow of colors.  Computers, television and other appliances also have an energy field that is detrimental to our own.
Health Kinesiology could also be called Vibrational Medicine (that’s why we use rocks, magnets, etc.)  Everything is made of molecules and molecules vibrate.  Therefore, everything has a frequency.  The healthy human body resonates at 62-78 MHz. Nature and the body resonate at the same frequency.  Have you noticed you feel better when you are in the woods or on the beach? Coffee brings frequency down to the 50’s.  Cancer is in the 40’s.  Essential Oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man. (Rose Oil =320 MHz.)
We use muscle-testing to monitor the energy system.  There are electro-chemical changes that take place in the body, same as can be monitored by Lie Detector/Needle Graph machine, which can also be monitored by a muscle-test.  Anything true (YES) or not stressful will result in a locked or firm muscle. Anything stressful (NO), allergens, etc. cause the muscle to unlock (go weak).  By muscle testing we can very accurately gain information as needed for addressing health issues.

Health Kinesiologist
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