Geopathic Energy is harmful!
By Michael Murphy on April 7th, 2008(viewed 2955 times).

Geopathic Energy

Geo comes from the Greek word for earth and Pathic from the Greek word pathos meaning to suffer and cause disease. Geopathic stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of water about 200=300ft (60-90meters) below ground (also on top of mountains). GS has a strong effect on the correct functioning of the lymphatic system. Find out more about the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress on your body

Something to know is that geopathic stress can undo health kinesiology work and other types of kinesiology work do to the negative power it causes on the body. It is frankly a big over load to the human body energy systems.

I have also found that people that would come in to the office would have the same issue come up that I was sure had no more aspects of that type of issue left and when this would happen I would look in to the fact that there home might be in a place that is not healthy to the basic users of kinesiology.

  EMF waves are they harmful and what are they?



Can you pick up cell phone / microwave tower emissions?

Yes - our RF meters are sensitive enough to pick up on radio frequency emissions within the suggested safety guidelines by the various engineering / government agencies such as the FCC, ICNIRP, ANSI/IEEE and others. It can also pick up on personal RF from handheld cell phones, cordless phones, and wireless base stations / routers.

What sets it apart from other standard broadband meters is the manner in which it calculates complex RF field exposure and gives an actual safety percentage estimate over a period of time. It is also adjustable by frequency band and even safety standard. (such as non-enforceable 10 milliWatt OSHA Nonionizing Radiation 1910.97 limit or the 1 microWatt Salzberg Innen 2002 standard or the enforceable IEEE C95.1-1999 standard


It is important for all kinesiologists to think about this problem it is bigger then you think it is. Due to the fact that you practices is on the line 24 7 with your clients you want to do your best for them if you muscle test that they are going to get rid of these head aces in a mater of hours and yet they say they are still there what good have you done if they are still sick after you finish. Look at there home where are they, where do they live is it safe. Remember the body can only handle light changes in energy waves and simple frequencies.

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