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Fight the Hep A, B, and C Virus without drugs and the undesirable side effects of drugs. Strengthen your immune system with pure, natural Mesosilver®. Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Mesosilver is a true colloidal silver consisting of pure, sterilized water and pure silver particles. The particles in Mesosilver are 0.65 nanometers in diameter, the smallest available in a silver colloid. It is the small particle size combined with high particle concentration that makes Mesosilver the most effective silver colloid available. Mesosilver supplements your immune system to fight pathogens.

Mesosilver does not interact or interfere with medications you may be taking. No adverse side effects have been reported from Mesosilver.

Hepatitis C Info & Treatment

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Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The infection is spread by contact with the blood of an infected person. Serious for some, but not others, most people who get hepatitis C carry the virus for the rest of their lives. Most have some liver damage but many do not feel sick from the disease. As a result of the liver damage, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver and liver failure may develop.

For a slight majority of patients, the illness begins suddenly as though one had come down with the flu. Except that this "flu" doesn't seem to completely go away. For many other patients, the onset appears gradually over a long period of time. Infants and young children often have no symptoms at all.

Many other symptoms may also be present, however they will typically be different among different patients. These include: fatigue, low-grade fever, headaches; slight sore throat, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stiff or aching joints, and liver damage. Many people develop a pain in the right side, over the liver area. The urine may become dark brown, and the feces may be pale. In severe acute infections, some people may develop jaundice in which the skin and whites of the eyes become yellowish.

The degree of severity from Hepatitis C can differ widely among patients, and will also vary over time for the same patient. Severity can vary between getting unusually fatigued following stressful events, to being totally bedridden and completely disabled. The hepatitis c symptom has a tendency to wax and wane over time.

How Does the Immune System fight Hepatitis C? The immune system is a body wide network of cells and organs that has evolved to defend the body against attacks by foreign entities such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.

Mesosilver Dosage

To strengthen the immune system take Mesosilver orally.

Note: Dosages which people recommend for colloidal silver vary since often a small dose is effective while large doses are not harmful. With our product, very small doses are effective since concentration of particles is very high and particle size is very low. The recommended dosage is one tablespoon 4 times a day until the viral load count returns to normal, then, continue to take the same dosage for another 30 days.

At a dosage of 4 tablespoons per day 1 bottle will last 4 days, 4 bottles will last 17 days and, 10 bottles will last 6 weeks.

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I don’t usually go to doctors, but I started feeling pretty bad and really strange. I knew something was wrong, something other than cold or flu, and that’s what made me finally go. I didn’t even have a personal doctor, so I just went to a walk-in clinic. They gave me a blood test and it turned out I had Hepatitis C.

Now this is the Canadian health care system; it’s not “real” health care; it’s more like a cartoon. Anyway, I told one friend about the diagnosis because I knew he’d been through it and had been on Interferon, and he sent me to another doctor at another walk-in clinic. That doctor referred me to a specialist, to the guy who takes care of all the Hep C in Vancouver. This was in November and the appointment I got wasn’t until February.

I was feeling pretty bad. I could make it through about half a day, but around noon, I was just down for the count. I was functioning for just about a half a day. And I was depressed. I’d just learned I had Hepatitis C. I felt lousy. And I didn’t know what to do. I figured I’d end up going on Interferon.

Then I went on the Internet and found Mesosilver. Naturally I was suspicious that it could actually do what it said, but the testimonials somehow made me feel like these were real people and this had really helped these people. So I ordered some. And then I became the perfect person to send in my own testimonial, because when I started the program, this is what happened to me:

I started taking 4 TBS of Mesosilver a day. I tried to do it on an empty stomach, 15 minutes before meals, but I wasn’t always perfect, though I did always take the four a day.

What happened after that is that I slowly started to feel better. I was able to judge it by how long I was okay without feeling exhausted and tired. I started at being able to make it until noon, then noon stretched to mid-afternoon, then late afternoon, then early evening like 7:30 or so, and then wow, one whole day I was fine, and it just kept progressing. Now I stay up until like midnight or one o’clock and I feel fine. I’ve got my life back. I feel normal. I had a liver ultrasound the other day and the doctor told me my liver is normal. The healing is amazing. I am thrilled. I can hardly believe it myself.

But here’s the thing: the change is very gradual. It’s not an overnight thing. It’s not like when you have the flu and then one day you wake up and you’re better. It’s a slow progression. In the beginning, you might hardly notice it. Then after a couple of weeks, you notice, wow, I had energy for a few more hours. And then a couple of weeks later, you notice it’s been a few more hours each day again. It’s very gradual; your energy just slowly returns, slowly comes back to you.

And here’s the other thing: I also changed my diet and I know that supported the healing. I ate fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. I made fresh juices. I was so sick and so fragile that I became very sensitive to everything. I determined that there were a lot of foods that don't just feed us but also feed the virus. If a person really wants to get their immune system on top of this virus, I would choose the healthiest and most fresh and organic foods. The virus thrives on unhealthy foods. It likes processed foods, chemicals, breads, pastas, chips, wine, booze. Those things feed the virus and make it grow. You notice right away that those foods are making the virus stronger because as soon as you eat them, you don’t feel well. Be very careful what you're eating even if you’re on Interferon. The virus is a hungry beast. It wants you to eat all the junk that you can eat, and drink all the garbage you can drink because that's what makes it strong. To anyone who has Hep C and is re-thinking the path of taking the Interferon and wants to heal in a more natural way . . . it can be done. Eat as light and healthy as you can – no foods that are heavy, processed or hard on the liver. Drink fresh juices. And take Mesosilver four times a day. It worked for me! Mesosilver is a fabulous way to heal Hepatitis C. I’m so healthy and normal now that I don’t even think about it anymore. I don’t even remember to be grateful each and every day because I feel so well, hepatitis isn’t even on my mind. I really have my life back. That’s truly amazing.

M.D. - Vancouver, BC.

I started taking Mesosilver about 5 months ago. I have to admit that I have not taken it as I should because is a little expensive and I have to wait to have money to place my orders. I was diagnosed in November of 2004. I refused Interferon because the truth is that most people, (unless you are a chronic case like drug users or people who have received transfusions,) die with Hep.C and not from it. In my case this was related to hand surgery. I have a doctor who is very open minded and told me that as my Doctor he had to refer me to a Specialist but that I should go on line and do my own research. Immediately I started Milk Thysel and Dandelion Root Tea and other cleanser and by the time I got to the specialist my Liver Numbers were completely normal but my Viral Load was 17 Million. Interferon will not be available for me again until 2010 so this was my opportunity to give Mesosilver a try. My Doctor suggested lab work and an ultrasound before I started to have a baseline, these by the way came back normal except for the VL which was still 17 Million.( April 07) I started to take the Mesosilver at night before I went to bed which is when your body recharges (2oz) and organic liver cleansing tea from Local Harvest during the day. I also take the usual vitamin supplements plus vitamin a, b, c, e which are antioxidants. I just received my results and again my liver numbers are normal and Viral Load 11Million, it dropped 6 million in four months I'm sure it would have been lower if I didn't have to stop every now and then before I can afford the next order. I'm sticking with this plan and if I see again that the numbers drop I'll know that this is the way to go. My next check up is in February 08. Thank You Miriam P

I was treated with Interferon and Ribavirin for Hepatitis back in 1999. My doctor told me that it turned out that the treatments didn’t help me one bit because it was not the right treatment for what I had, which was Type 1 Hepatitis C.

This time around, I was focusing on alterative treatments. Nine months ago, when I began, my viral count was at six million. My count as of the second week in June was down to 52,000! I owe this to Mesosilver (which I took a teaspoon of four times a day from November until March) plus a change in diet, regular exercise, nutritional support, spiritual connection and meditation. I now eat only healthy food and foods I know are not hard on my liver. I eat small meals four times a day. I lost 35 pounds, down from 160. I am now stable at 135 and I feel really good. My nutritional and supplement support includes milk thistle, flax seed oil and colostrum.

I continue to feel healthier from taking Mesosilver. I now take one teaspoon a day as a maintenance dose, which seems okay to me, but if you recommend taking more, let me know. I will be having another test in a few days to see where my counts are.

My spouse and I feel very grateful for my results. I praise my Creator, and feel grateful to you for guiding me.

With best wishes and gratitude,

Arcie N. age 73

I was on the Pegasys treatment for Hepatitis C (Hep C) -- taking the pill and the shots -- and the doctor had just told me that it wasn’t working. In fact, it had brought my liver function and my viral count up, so not only wasn’t it working, it was making things worse!

While clicking around the Internet, I ran across the Colloids for Life Mesosilver site. I called the guy and talked to him for about an hour. He also suggested I go to the testimonials site and read about the experiences of people who had taken Mesosilver for Hep C. I found out that some of the people who had taken it lived not too far from me in Florida, so I ordered some. This was back in November (2006). At that time, my liver function (liver enzymes) were 47 and 53 and my viral count was around 4 million.

My latest tests, on June 4th of this year (2007) showed my liver function all the way back to normal at 30 and 26 (!) and my viral count down to 1,600,000!

My fiancée was pretty skeptical the whole time I was taking the Mesosilver because I was drinking it like lemonade and ordering new supplies every month. She was like, “You don’t even know if this stuff is working, why do you keep taking it?” And my response was, “I trust the guy I talked to and what he said about the benefits and the results, and I’m just going to keep taking it.” So I was very faithful about it. I took four tablespoons every morning and sometimes I even took another four at night.

And I was right to trust it. Because from November to June, I got great results. Even the nurse was impressed when she looked at the lab results. She said, “Wow, what are you doing?” and I said, “I’m just living right and eating right” because you know those medical people don’t believe in any herbal stuff. And it is true that I’ve changed my diet. I don’t eat any fast food. I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and juices. I eat only fresh meats, no processed meats or cold cuts, and I took sweets out of my diet. But mostly, I know it’s the Mesosilver that has made the big changes.

Not only are my counts dramatically down, I also feel great. I’m not as tired as I used to be and I have a lot more energy. Now I order Mesosilver by the gallon! It’s not cheap, but my health is worth it.

Clifton R., 49, St. Augustine, FL

I started taking colloidal silver about a year ago. I had a sleepless night and spent some time looking up Hep C treatments on the internet. I learned about colloidal silver, then came across the Mesosilver site and started reading the testimonials. That’s what convinced me to try it.

After I’d been taking it for six months, I went for blood work. My ALTs and ASTs (liver enzyme tests) had dropped by 50%! This represented a really significant shift, as these counts hadn’t changed since 1995.

I feel healthy and good, and my energy level is great even though I have a very stressful job as a social worker. The silver is easy to take and has no side effects. I’m really glad I found this product.

That’s the short story.....

The longer story is that initially, I had been planning to take the interferon treatments; actually I had already committed to starting them. But I joined a Hep C support group and heard so many horrible stories of people who got really sick from the treatment and suffered through it -- and the virus came back anyway-- that I just decided I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to make myself sick in that way. It’s funny, but going to the support group is really what stopped me from taking interferon treatments.

Instead, I started taking all kinds of herbs, milk thistle, etc., and even took hepacico, but nothing really worked for me. I didn’t feel any different, and there were no shifts in my blood counts until I started taking Mesosilver. That’s what made a difference for me.

The interesting thing is that when I went for the blood work and we got these really great results, the doctor did not even acknowledge it or want to hear anything about what I was doing. It’s like if it’s not their approach or the interferon treatments, they don’t want to know about it.

I go to the Cleveland Clinic here in Florida and a doctor and a few young interns were on rounds one day. I was telling my story about taking colloidal silver and how it was working for me, and the doctor showed no interest at all. The young interns on the other hand -- one from Japan and one from the Philippines – they were quite interested. They didn’t care what the source was if I was getting results. And even the nurse at the place I get my blood work done was interested. But the doctors, the medical establishment, they don’t want to know about it, which is a shame because it could really help a lot of people. So I’m just sharing the information with everyone I can.

Ellen N, Age 59, Pembroke Pines, FL

After I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, the liver doctor recommended interferon treatment. But I had looked it up and read about all the side effects and I knew they were terrible.

The doctor was defending the interferon treatment side effects by saying that if I got depressed while on the treatment he had other drugs like Prozac to take care of the depression. It’s compounding one drug on top of another.

When he told me that, I just flatly refused the treatment, but asked him to work with me on what I wanted to do alternatively, and order blood tests and stuff. He said okay.

When I learned about colloidal silver, I went down to the health food store and bought some. When I went back on the Internet to learn more about it, I came across the Colloids for Life site and learned that there were different kinds of colloidal silver. I called Colloids for Life and talked to the guy at length. He probably spent 20-30 minutes on the phone with me, answering all my questions and telling me about the product. At the end of the conversation, I ordered five bottles.

I have genotype B Hepatitis C. My first viral blood count was 186,000. I bought the Mesosilver and I took it pretty regularly, but I wasn’t really religious about it because I didn’t fully believe it would work. When I went back for my next blood test, my viral count was down to 123,000. Even the woman administering the test was surprised. When I saw that it was working, I decided to get serious about it and bought 10 bottles and took 4 tablespoons every single day.

My next blood test had a viral count of 33,000!! It was unbelievable. In August, I got another blood test and it was down to 11,000. Now my aim is to get it down to zero, and I fully believe that Mesosilver can do it, so I just ordered another 10 bottles. They warned me at Colloids for Life that when the counts are this low, the results won’t be as dramatic, but that’s okay. I’m confident that I can get this virus completely out of my system.

I want to say that I also did everything I could to support my immune system. I went on the candida diet and also took nystatin to get the candida out of my body. I cut out sugar and junk food. I took fish oil, alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C. And I recommend that anyone with Hep C do the same.

But I know that it’s the Mesosilver that made the difference. I know because I stopped taking the silver for a little while and my counts went right back up. I have the statistics to back up my claim. My counts went from 186,000 to 11,000! And I definitely recommend Mesosilver and not just some health food store brand. Anyone who has Hepatitis C should do this.

Pamela C, age 55, Glendale, AZ

P.S. The doctor kept asking me why I would want to put metal in my body. Meanwhile, he was pushing interferon and other drugs, which have horrible side effects. Living in Arizona, I see the damage taking all that medication does on our elderly population. I’ll choose natural any day.

In about March of 2004, I started feeling very sick. I was very weak and extremely tired all the time. I couldn’t stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. A variety of tests were done, and everything was out of whack, including hormones, thyroid, blood counts, etc., but no one ever tested me for Hepatitis C, and no one could quite figure out what was wrong.

My sister said that my symptoms sounded very much like what a friend of hers had, which turned out to be Candidiasis, a significant overgrowth of candida (yeast) in the intestines and throughout the system. It is usually a result of an overuse of antibiotics that kill the good flora in the intestines and create an imbalance that allows for the overgrowth of yeast. It is aggravated by eating too much sugar, white flour, and highly processed and starchy, sugary or fermented foods. Since I had ear infections as a kid and was over prescribed antibiotics, ate a processed diet, and had also taken Accutane, candidiasis made sense.

I started doing my own research and found the book The Yeast Connection. I also had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) brought on by the candidiasis, plus Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). I began following the diet prescribed in the book. I ate so well, only wholesome, healthy, natural, organic foods, nothing processed, just fish, organic vegetables, chicken, eggs and whole grains. Really I only ate pure food. It was clear that I was suffering from a terrible overgrowth of yeast in my system. The clearing and cleansing that resulted from switching my diet made that very clear.

Although the diet was helping, it took many months before I started to feel better. I was so ill and exhausted that I couldn’t work and applied for disability. But they don’t recognize CFS as a real disability. They like to see something specific in the blood, so I went to a new doctor, a D.O. who was also into natural medicine and he did some blood tests and that’s when I discovered that I also had Hepatitis C.

So here I was 55 years old with candidiasis, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barr and hepatitis. You can imagine how tired I was. And the funny thing was, my whole life I had been an athlete –- a star athlete, in great health and great shape. It was ridiculous that I was suddenly so ill. And I don’t know how I got that sick. My best guess is that when we had a hurricane here many years ago, it completely flooded our streets and I had to wade through waist high water to get to my home. When I think back about what might have been in that water, the sewage and bacteria and viruses, etc., I think I probably contracted all of it then.

In any case, once we discovered the Hep C, the doctor said I needed to go on Interferon. I said there was no way I was putting that poison in my body. I was on an all-natural diet, I was taking supplements to boost my immune system, and I was taking other nutrients and supports as well. The doctor told me that was all perfect for Hepatitis C and would help it, but that it probably wasn’t enough.

So I began to research natural Hep C remedies on the internet. I came across the Colloids for Life web site and I really liked what it had to say. I was more impressed with it than with the other colloidal silver sites and really liked the purity of the product. So I went ahead and ordered some. I started with a 10-bottle order. My viral load at that point was 990,000, just shy of a million. I started my 10-bottle series by taking 4 tablespoons of Mesosilver on an empty stomach every morning. Then I’d get in the shower and then eat breakfast after. (I know they recommend 1 tablespoon 4 times daily but this is how I did it and it worked for me.) Six weeks later, after the first 10-bottle series, I got another blood test. My numbers were down to 30,000!!! But keep in mind that at the same time, I was eating pure, doing yoga, purging my body of all its ills, and getting rid of the yeast, so I was really helping myself.

Still, it was definitely the silver that made the difference with the hepatitis, no question about it. My energy started to recoup right away. With all the diet and nutrients I was taking, I was still tired, but as soon as I started taking the silver, I had an energy boost. It was doing its magic and I started feeling better.

After another ten series, I had another blood count and my viral load was down to 15,000. Then ten more bottles, and it was down to 7,500, which is the latest count. So I went from almost a million to under 10,000 in a matter of months. And after seven months off work and on disability, I’m now even back to work. If you have Hep C, you don’t have to take that Interferon. Get on a good healthy diet, add some Siymarin to detoxify the liver, and take Mesosilver!

Amy L., Age 55, Pembroke Pines, FL

In 1985, I was diagnosed with viral hepatitis. Then two years ago, when my liver enzymes were high, a new doctor ran a complete blood panel and found that I had hepatitis C. They recommended Interferon, which I had a horrible reaction to. I started hallucinating, saw myself in my coffin, totally freaked out. I also had black tar in my stool and other problems. Basically, all six side effects they warn you about – I had.

They started me off with the strongest dose of Ribavirin, morning and afternoon, 1000 milligrams. Basically, they overdosed me. I thought I was dying. I saw my dead stepdad motioning for me to come join him in the grave. The interferon really screwed me up. In fact, it left with me with a chemical imbalance and so now I’m on anti-anxiety medicine.

I had to stop taking interferon. Luckily, I met a nurse who recommended colloidal silver. I searched on the Internet and the testimonials on the Mesosilver site convinced me. I started taking it in December, three times a day. Even though I have Hep C genotype 3, I noticed a difference from the Mesosilver right away. Within just a couple of weeks of taking it, I was doing better, and feeling better and stronger and was able to stay up later at night. I began putting on weight and I had increased energy.

In May, after about five months on the Mesosilver (10 bottles), I got blood work done and found that my viral load came down over a million and half! I was down from 5 million to 3,330,000. The doctor was pleased and said, “Continue doing whatever you’re doing because it’s working. Your numbers are still pretty high, but they’re definitely improving, and you’re doing good and feeling better and you have no side effects, so just keep taking what you’re taking.” Which is what I plan to do.

The other day, my wife suggested that since I was doing so well by taking Mesosilver three times a day, maybe I should increase it to four times a day. I laughed and said I didn’t think I’d increase it because then I’d never get any rest, as the Mesosilver gives me so much energy! It’s a really good product and, along with a healthy diet, it is making a positive difference in my life.

M.P. Texas

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1992. It was pretty advanced by the time I was diagnosed, so I probably contracted it as a child, possibly from a vaccination.

I had a very resistant strain of the virus – “1B” which is the next-to-most-resistant strain. Back in 1992, there was no treatment or interferon yet, so I didn’t start on any treatments until 1997, when I went to a hepatologist. At that point, my liver enzymes were very high and my ALTs were quite high. They also did a liver biopsy, and the good news was that I hadn’t yet developed cirrhosis. They started me on interferon shots, and I took them every day from February through August of 1997. Thirty days after I stopped treatment, my numbers were all high again, so I was considered a “non-responder.” Back then, there was nothing else to do.

Then in 2001, new treatments became available, so I started with Pegylated Interferon and Ribovarin. At that time, my viral count was 1,033,000. By March, my count was down to 22,000, but for complete remission, my count should have gotten to zero, so they wanted me to keep going with the treatment. I was tested again in May, and the viral count was up to 80,000. The doctor told me that I was not really responding, but the treatments were at least slowing down the progress of the disease so I should keep going. I stayed with it until November of 2002, but by the end of the treatment, my count was 1,100,000.

At that point, I went to the hospital for a liver biopsy. They found Stage 4 liver cirrhosis and my Alpha Pheta Protein count was at 12.9. The normal range is between 5 and 8. I had another Alpha Pheta Protein count in Feb of 2005 and it was up to 14. The next one was up to 24. You can imagine how terrible I felt and how discouraged. Since there was nothing else out there for me medically, I started looking around on the Internet. I came across Mesosilver and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it, so I ordered some.

In December of 2005, I started taking Mesosilver. In January of 06, I had a blood test and my viral count was down from 2,500,000 to 176,000! We were all excited about the wonderful results, and scheduled another test in six weeks. Six weeks later, my alpha protein was down to 15, but the viral count had shot up to 5,500,000. The nurse was baffled, and said, How can your numbers go from 176,000 to 5 million in such a short time? It doesn’t make sense. Especially since all your other numbers are down, including your alpha protein, which is down to 11. Except for the viral count, everything else is looking really good. It makes no sense.

I talked to a hepatologist, who said either the Mesosilver is not working OR something about it is causing an abnormal reading on your test, so let’s stop it for 5-6 weeks and test again. So we were all wondering what was going on and then, focusing on the chemical and molecular structure and the nature of the silver being metal and how it might react with iron, they thought maybe somehow the way the Mesosilver was attacking the virus it seemed to be creating more particles in the blood so that we were getting that higher reading. So after a short break, we re-tested and my alpha protein was down to 8, which is normal (!) and my viral count was down to 574,000. Even the doctor said, This thing is working, all signs are good, we’re just getting some odd readings maybe because of the way the silver attacks the virus.

So now, I am going to use the silver in cycles. I do two cycles of 10 bottles, then stop for a few weeks then test again. Everything is looking good. Before, my iron level was so high, I had to get blood taken out; now my iron level is just fine. My SGPT liver function is much better. My liver, which was so enlarged and so inflamed that it was way below my rib cage is back to normal size. My viral count is way down and my alpha protein is normal. Here’s the most important point: Don’t stop taking Mesosilver just because there’s a spike in your viral count! That’s just the result of the way that the silver breaks down the hepatitis virus. The Mesosilver is working, despite the odd high readings.

Pilar F. 63, Palm Coast, FL

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C at the end of 2000. My viral load was very high. In January of 2001, my doctor started me on a regimen of Interferon where I got to take the shots once a week instead of once a day. I was on that for 11 months and it was torture, it dries your whole system out and you feel lousy. But it did bring my viral load down to below 50, and it stayed that way. At the end of the 11 months, we discontinued treatment. The doctor had me come back in three month intervals, and my numbers stayed below 50 for a full year. Everything looked good.

Then, in January of 2005, I had another blood test and got a phone call asking me to come in. I was told that the virus was back and we needed to talk about treatment. I wasn’t completely surprised because I had been feeling that something was wrong as the aches and pains and flushed feeling and nausea had come back. I assumed I would just be put back on the once a week Interferon shots, but I was told that wasn’t an option, that I had to go take once a day shots along with the pills every day. So I started on that routine. The first day made me sick as a dog. The second day was the same, as was the third day. I couldn’t walk, had diarrhea, cramps, pain, and I was totally out of it. I told the nurse I just couldn’t continue with the treatments --that I guessed my only hope was a transplant. I was feeling really low.

I had heard about natural remedies for Hep C, so I thought I’d do some looking around on the Internet. I found the Colloids for Life website and read about Mesosilver and the Hep C testimonials. After reading the testimonials, I thought to myself: this can’t be all bad, and more importantly, what do I have to lose? At the time, my viral load was around 250,000. About two months later when I went back in for a blood test the insurance company required, my count was again below 50.

The doctors and nurses couldn’t believe it. How is that possible? You are not on any treatment, not taking any medicine and you’re below 50. There must have been an error with your test, so we need to have you take the test again! Of course I knew why my count was down – I’d been taking about 6 tablespoons of Mesosilver every day; two in the morning, two at midday and two again at night. But the doctors and nurses think that all natural remedies are hocus pocus, so I took the blood test again. This time, they really freaked out because, to quote them, my viral load was “non detectable”. When I asked them what does that mean exactly they said they couldn’t find one speck of hepatitis virus in my blood. The Mesosilver took me from 250,000 to under 50,000 in two months and from under 50,000 to undetectable in another month! The whole thing took three months tops.

Six months later, they had me in for another blood test. This time they did some really in-depth, fancy test, froze the blood, sent it to some special lab in California – and my levels were still “undetectable”. No trace of the Hepatitis C virus in my blood! We did another test in January of 2006, and it’s still undetectable. And I feel great. I am well!!

Wayne P, Age 55, Langhorne, PA

I’ve had hepatitis C for about 10 years. Back in October of 2004, I had a liver biopsy. On a scale of 1-4, I was a 4 in terms of cirrhosis of the liver. I couldn’t take Interferon treatments because the liver was so bad. A friend who is a nurse found Mesosilver on the Internet. I started taking it (a couple of TBSPs per day) then had a blood test in February of this year (2005) -- and the test came back totally normal!! Not only was the blood test totally normal, but it showed no indication of my having hepatitis ever! The nurse was astonished. The doctor said, “Well, I can’t recommend it to my patients because I don’t really know anything about it, but it’s obviously working for her.” Mesosilver is truly amazing. I took it along with milk thistle capsules. I’m feeling great. I still take it to maintain my health. I’ve got two or three friends with hepatitis that are also taking it now because my results were so amazing.

Patricia F. Rogers, Arkansas

I call Mesosilver my “miracle medicine”. I found out last May that I had Hepatitis C of the worst kind (Genotype 1B). I’d had elevated liver enzymes for years, but no one had ever tested for Hepatitis. I was pretty devastated when I got the diagnosis. I had seen someone in the advanced states of the disease and it was a pretty frightening future to look forward to . . . if there even was a future. In some ways, it was more like a death sentence. My viral load was at two million.

The doctors wanted to do all kinds of scary things, including a biopsy where they would take a chunk of the liver, or have me take all kinds of strong and scary drugs and treatments. I’ve always been into natural solutions and have always taken herbs, so I didn’t want to be killing myself with the drugs they were recommending. Looking for other solutions, I began to research Hepatitis on the Internet and came across colloidal silver. I remember a friend having a good experience with it years ago and so I thought I’d give it a try. When I did further research on the kind of colloidal silver to get, I found out that the smallest particles possible and the heaviest concentration of particles were the most beneficial. Since I had a heavy dose Hepatitis C, I figured I’d better take the strongest and best available silver, which is why I chose Mesosilver.

I started taking 4 TBS daily of Mesosilver a little over a month ago. I had been feeling really bad. I had no energy and could hardly get out of bed. I didn’t really expect results right away because I had been told it usually takes about 90 days, but as soon as I started taking the Mesosilver, I started feeling better. Suddenly I could get up and do things again.

Anyway, then I went to the doctor. They took some tests and could not believe the results. They called me from the doctor’s office, and they were so excited because my viral load was down from two million to 1500, and my liver enzymes were normal. . . not just low, but completely normal, which was the most shocking part of the results. My doctor kept saying, “This is unbelievable!” When I told him what I was taking, he had never heard of colloidal silver, but he said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

My tests results are great and I’m feeling much better. I even look so much better. My skin looks better, my hair looks better . . . even my fingernails look good! Thank you for giving me my life back! Please let other people know about this, so they can get well too.

Reine Broussard Porter, Texas

When I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, the doctor described the Interferon treatment to me and all its side effects, including the physical side effects and the psychological ones like suicidal thoughts and depression. After hearing that, I just thought to myself, there’s got to be a better way, so I went on the Internet to look for alternatives. When I told the doctor I had found Mesosilver and was going to be trying it, he basically called me stupid. What he said was, “You look a lot smarter than that.” He also said, “It’s not going to make any difference, but go ahead and try it.”

And I did. And the results were amazing. Within seven months, my viral load and liver count were back within normal limits. When the nurse called me with my test results, she said, “Good news, the drugs are working, all your results are back in line.” When I told her I wasn’t taking the drugs, she wanted to hear all about Mesosilver and kept me on the phone for a long time. I told her to have the doctor call me, but of course he never did.

I started off taking 4 tablespoons of Mesosilver 4 times a day. My viral load went from 3.6 million to 1.5 million in the first three to four months. Then it went from 1.5 million to 4,500 in another three months. So it took about seven months altogether for me to get within the normal ranges. Now I take 2 tablespoons twice a day as a maintenance dose. I’d like to personally thank the manufacturer of Mesosilver for basically saving my life.

Bob W. age 53 Miami, FL

With Jesus help I've the HBV-GoodNews: In blood-test by PCR my log QVL (QuantitativeViralLoad) has been changed from 8 [Apr. 01, 2005] to 5.6[May 30, 2005](Entecavir=ETV[0.5 mgQD-39days - from Apr.20, I was switched from Adefovir that had no action on me]+MesoSilver[all 8 weeks=56 days,each day]+ProBiotics[last month]+pXP=PolyPodiumXP[8capsQD-all8weeks])! & ALT droped from 245[Apr. 21] to 167[May 30]. That means : 4/1/05 - QVL=93.75 M c./mL (Millions HBV DNA copies in mL of my blood), ~WVL=375 pg/mL; 5/30/05-QVL=0.398 M c./mL(>235 times!ForETValone I've expected>16M) ~WVL=1.592 pg/mL(For ETV alone I've expected>64pg/mL) That means I've expected <5.86 times QVL (or WVL) drop down but I received 235 times! & ALT dropped ~ in 1.5 times[not 8 weeks,-but 38 days].

Though I'd used a lot of additional things besides I've named, but for MesoSilver I definitely think it's working! I'd used Probiotics because they are Friendly=Symbiotical for us but MesoSilver is killing them- so I had to reestablish/renew them each day.

I was doing cyclically the sequence: Mesosilver[morning -in empty stomach]->pH-CleansingClay-Complex[1/2hr later]->Probiotics[~3hrs later before/with Juicing{basically WholeFood's carots&greens}]. I'm using SBOs=Nature'sBiotics of LifeScienceProducts,inc. & HSO Probiotic Formula "PrimalDefence" of "Garden of Life" & Saccharomyces Boulardii from & for cleansing's "AlkaLive cleanze" with colloidal bentonite clay, Psyllium Seeds & Herbal blend.

Mike Madison, WI

My viral load is dropping by 200,000 per month -- even my doctor is impressed and said, "If things keep going this well, let's just stay with the silver."

In addition to 4 TBS of Mesosilver a day, I recommend the following additional support because I know these things are also helping me to get better and feel better 1. Getting plenty of rest! This is very, very important. If you have trouble sleeping, try melatonin. Sleep is when your body heals. This is so important with Hep C. 2. Eliminate or limit wheat intake. What produces ammonia, which elevates unhelpful enzymes. 3. Drink plenty of water -- half your body weight every day if you can. This is critical for flushing toxins out of the liver, and especially important to support the work the Mesosilver is doing. 4. Limit red meat, as this also produces ammonia in the system. 5. Eat fruit and lots of dark greens to supply iron without stressing the liver.

My viral load is down from 8 million to 6.68 million in three months, and still dropping. Not only that, I'm feeling better. I attribute this mostly to Mesosilver, but I know these adjunct supports really help.

It make take a few weeks to start to feel the difference . . . but you will.

God bless!

Ken Scott

I am a multiple liver transplant patient and am Hep C positive. My initial transplant was due to the effects of Hep C.

In years past I tried everything out there, acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine, Interferon, three separate courses of Interferon plus Ribaviron, the last course of treatment was 3 million units Daily, pure hell. Nothing has worked.

In October of 2003 I started taking 1 tablespoon of Mesosilver 4 times daily. I augmented it with daily prayer, which is what I believe is needed to make this work. GOD gave me another chance at life and I'm not about to leave him out of my recovery now. I have been charting my liver enzymes for years, but after starting Mesosilver I have found that my enzyme levels have actually come down.

My GGT, ALT and AST have definitely made an improvement. This is verifiable proof and not just my thinking that I might feel better or have more energy, because I'm not quite sure if I do feel any better, but my body IS doing better.

My transplant Doctor and my Gastroenterologist have both showed an interest in this but at this time will not make any judgments on it. I have not been following viral loads because the true test for me is if my liver function is doing better. My Doctor said the same thing. I would guess that viral loads must be improving, I will check that at a later time.

I will be documenting this for as long as I can. The people at Mesosilver suggested a nine month course of action which is about 5 gallons. After 7 months there is a quantifiable improvement in my liver function so I am hopeful that after all of these years that this may finally be the answer. Unfortunately I am almost out of the product and since I am on disability I won't be able to afford much more. I will continue to purchase occasionally when I can, but I will shortly be unable to continue the regimen that I have.

My suggestion to you is YES, use it. It won't help overnite , but it has helped me. I think that this is the only good option that you have. If I can be of anymore help let me know.

Gene Kilber

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2001. When I got the diagnosis, I was told that I had probably had the disease for as long as 20 years. My viral loads were dangerously high. I took the Inteferon/Rebetol combination and it worked well, but then the Hepatitis came back with a vengeance. My viral load soared and kept going up, and I was feeling really bad. My doctor didn’t want to increase the dosage of the medications or have me do another round, so he basically told me I had to learn to live with the Hepatitis and that I should just try to enjoy the next ten years of my life. I’m only 54 years old, and that made me really mad.

Then, out of nowhere, my wife happened to remember that when her daughter had gotten seriously ill as a baby and nothing could help her, they tried colloidal silver and it had cured her. My wife began researching colloidal silver on the computer and came across Mesosilver. We also found some colloidal silver in our local health food store, but that had only 3ppm of silver and Mesosilver has 20 ppm, so I was anxious to try the stronger stuff. When my wife handed me the printed pages and the testimonials from the Mesosilver site, I just said, “Get me the phone, I’m calling this guy right away!

When I called to order my first Mesosilver, I was so sick and feeling so bad, I just wanted to get started on anything that could help me. I do know that before starting on the Mesosilver, my viral loads were very high, from around 875,00 to as high as one million at one point.

Anyway, I started taking Mesosilver (4 TBS per day before breakfast) and over a three day period, my viral load dropped to 275,000! The next blood test, which was a couple of weeks later, showed my count down to 1500! The doctor could hardly believe what he was seeing and his wife, who is a nurse and also manages his practice, could hardly believe it either. The results were just awesome. I have another blood test in mid January and I can’t wait to see the results.

The recovery is really miraculous, and I feel so much better. I was so tired and so sick for so long; I was missing work, feeling lousy, and on my way down to the bottom of the barrel. Now I’m just full of energy. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my mid 30s! I really feel this is miraculous in many ways and feel it is a gift from the Lord that we found this treatment and that the results have been so awesome. I am so grateful.

Ken Scott, Age 54, Exeter, PA

I contracted Hepatitis C in the mid 1970s as a result of a blood transfusion. I didn't even know I had it until 1998 when I had to give blood prior to surgery and got a letter from the blood bank saying they couldn't accept my blood because I had the hepatitis C virus. I was sure they had made a mistake, and got tested three more times . . . but all three tests came back positive. Although I had been tired and low energy for years, no one had ever been able to find a cause; now I understood they were symptoms of Hepatitis.

My symptoms grew progressively worse over the years, and when I finally went to see my hepatitis specialist in April of this year, he did a blood test and found that my viral load was 3 million!

The doctor told me it was time to go on the medicine, so I began taking Interferon shots once a week and taking the pill every day. This treatment basically destroyed my life and the lives of everyone around me. Not only did I have an allergic reaction to the medication, which gave me a terrible skin rash that turned my skin to leather and caused terrible itching, but I became so tired I literally could not get out of bed most days. Walking up the stairs, I'd be completely winded. Worst of all, though, was my depression; I was angry and cranky and depressed and unhappy and though I understood it was because of the medicine, I couldn't help it. I was awful to be around. My husband, son and grandchildren could barely tolerate me; and I could hardly stand myself! My life was miserable and so were the lives of everyone near me. It was intolerable.

When I went back to the doctor and asked if there were any alternatives, he told me there was one other shot he could give me, but that the results were marginal and the side effects were the same. "What if I do nothing?" I asked him. "You'll eventually die," was his response. I asked him how long he'd give me and he said he didn't know: it could be six weeks, six months, six years, it just varied by individuals.

I left his office devastated, depressed and in shock. I was 55 years old and facing death. I began to talk about getting my affairs in order, doing a will, etc., but my husband just couldn't accept that. He insisted I was NOT going to die and he went on the Internet to research the situation. He came home one day with 14 alternative treatments. I read them all, but the Mesosilver is what caught my eye - mostly because it looked easy, no hassle, no fuss, no side effects, no complicated preparations.

So I called to order a few bottles. When I spoke to the owner he asked me if I had read the testimonials from other Hepatitis C clients. I said, "Yeah, I read them, but I don't trust them. I've been in sales and I know you can get testimonials to say anything. I'll have to see for myself." I was also a little concerned about the cost, but compared to the value of my life, really, it was nothing.

I started taking the Mesosilver in April. The funny thing is, I misunderstood the directions and began taking four teaspoons a day instead of four tablespoons. Even so, within two weeks of starting the Mesosilver, I couldn't believe the change in the way I felt. I wasn't nearly as tired, wasn't sleeping nearly as much, had lots more energy and my breathing was really improved.

After five weeks on Mesosilver, I went for a blood test on May 23rd (this time with our new family doctor) and when I got the results a week later, my viral load was down from 3 million to 171,000! That's a 95% improvement in five weeks! I was elated!! More importantly, I felt really good, I was on the go again, doing housework, doing laundry, gardening again (which I had really missed), not sleeping nearly as much and basically sort of back to my normal routine. And this was still on only a third of the recommended dose!

On July 7th, I went for another blood test. When we got the results on the 16th, the viral load was down to 12,500! My new doctor and I were practically dancing around the room. We couldn't believe there had been this big a drop again! And my life is pretty much back to normal. I'm up at 6:00 or 7:00. I keep going all day and don't even take naps!

My family doctor said we should wait until the end of the year to do the next blood test, and we're betting the Hep C will be completely gone by then.

(As a side note, when I first got the Mesosilver information, I asked my Hep C specialist about it. His response was, "If you want to waste your money on snake oil treatments, I don't care." I've not been back to him since I'm down to 12,500 and still improving.)

This Mesosilver is just fantastic. I want to tell everyone I know about it. I'm thinking I should even become a distributor! It's really amazing. And it wasn't until just last Friday, I discovered my dosage error, and begun taking four tablespoons instead of four teaspoons.

If I'm feeling this good at one-third the recommended dosage, imagine how wonderful I'm going to feel at full dosage!

By the way, I also have Lupus - well, at least I HAD lupus. I don't know if I even still have it. In fact, I doubt it. I think the Mesosilver probably took care of it as well because I haven't been sick a single day since I started on the Mesosilver.

Mesosilver is just fantastic. It saved my life and I recommend it to everybody!

Linda Mangini, 55 Riverside, CA

"This is the story of an unfolding miracle, or so it would seem. We started selling colloidal silver as a mineral supplement in 1998. Though we knew of its healing properties, we continue to be surprised and pleased by the reports we are getting from our customers. We had not even thought it was effective against Hepatitis-C until we got a letter from a lady named Karen in Texas (see below). We included her testimonial in the email news letter we send out to those who are interested in colloidal silver. We began to get orders from Hep-C sufferers who wanted to try Karen's "cure." In a few weeks, we began to get testimonials of seeming success against this dread, "incurable" disease. We were encouraged, but cautious. The frequency and excitement of the reports has gradually increased until now we are getting almost daily reports of good and sometimes miraculous results using this harmless, natural mineral supplement to control Hepatitis-C. Some of the reports are listed here. Read them for yourselves. As one of the news networks is fond of saying, "We report, you decide." - Manufacturer Lab Report

"Three years ago I went to see my doctor because I believed I must have chronic fatigue syndrome. I had only three or four good hours of energy everyday and then I had to go to bed again. It seemed as if I lived my life in bed with my illness. I was an invalid. The blood tests for my liver enzymes revealed Hepatitis C. The doctor told me this is the incurable form of hepatitis. (He) handed me a pamphlet with skull and crossbones on the cover, and it was like a formal death sentence he was handing me. He said that I should wait until I'm in the advanced stages of the disease before I should seek the interferon treatment, and it will probably make me feel sicker than the disease itself. My whole world collapsed in on me; that was the darkest day of my whole life of forty-three years. Then came the blessing.

A month later I was making up batches of Colloidal Silver (C.S.) for my cure. I did go overboard taking the C.S. three times a day for 3 months and once a day thereafter, and I took twice as much as is recommended, but I was fighting mad and determined to stick with it. I did experience the commonly known "healing crisis" for about a week, when I was very tired, but not sickish. The C.S. was killing off a tremendous amount of toxins in my liver and that took extra energy on my part, so I was eating extra healthy food at that time. I don't know if I was cured in the first three days or if I was cured in the first three months, because my first liver enzyme test was six months after I began the C.S. I was absolutely sure that I was cured. My energy was over the top and I could stay awake 16 hours a day and I began living life happy & free. Sure enough my complete liver panel came back negative for any traces of hepatitis C. This blood panel has been negative now for 3 years, it's as if I never had hep c, but I did and I suffered long enough with it."


"I am 46 and tested positive for hepatitis c in Dec. 2000. I feel I contracted the virus in the early 70's and was in the hospital twice for hep. They called it non a-b hep. I took 8 oz colloidal silver twice daily along with 4 thymuplex, two 60mg coq10, two milk thistle and two alpha lipoic acid. Four months later my hcv pcr by rna test showed zero virus count." -


"We started one of our clinic patients on colloidal silver two months ago. He has hepatitis C with a very high virus count...over 3 million. After 2 months, it is down to 2.5 million. I wish I knew how high Steve's count was before going on the CS. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, if anyone has had good results treating either ALS or MS, please have them contact me."

Leslie Polland, M.D

"My husband who has hepatitis c hardly ever got out of bed. Except for going to work, which takes everything he has to get out of bed to go, but he does. Then when he is at home all he wants to do is sleep, until three weeks ago when I ordered colloidal silver and he began taking it three times a day. Within a week he started to get out of bed and not having to drag himself out of bed and now on the weekends we spend time together instead of him sleeping and feeling sick all the time. It is amazing. Thank you very much." -

P.A. , Alabama

"I was diagnosed two years ago, and was told by the gastro guy that my liver is 80% shot. I was feeling very, very poorly. About 6 months later I ran across CS on the net, thought what the heck, and have been drinking a mouthful of about 15 PPM CS daily ever since. Not only has my chronic tooth deterioration come to a screeching halt, but my LFTs (Liver Function Tests) always come back absolutely normal. Albumen, protein levels, the whole bit. I haven't had a viral-load test in over a year, but will soon and you can bet it'll be less than the 3 million/10 ML results I originally got. Also, CS seems to really helped with the attendant fatigue problems associated with HCV. Many friends have asked me if I'm still sick, as they see little difference between me and any other "healthy" individual.

My son had miraculous results with the Colloidal Silver helping his Hepatitis C. He's a completely new man - "back from the dead" as he describes it. Pretty soon, I'll have my whole family on this stuff. . . and I have a pretty big family!"

Evelyn Piatt, age 73 Pensacola, FL and Oakland, NJ

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