El Salvador gatumela earth quake on monday 14 2008 9:00 pm
By Michael Murphy on April 15th, 2008(viewed 2223 times).

Anyone following our trip to el Salvador

Things have been a lot of fun learning how this country varies from the usa. Also they use the usa dollar so it made it a lot easier for me to be able to buy things. The energy in this country feels good till yesterday we had a 6.1 earth quake and at that point it was a new energy I have not felt since I was a child I was sitting at the table working on Radiokinesis website and then I yell what was that my wife was like what? I could feel this wave of sickness come over me and I felt like I was going to throw up then it happen again. I said THAT she was like what then it was a shaking started and the building started to sway back and fourth and she was like get up now and move under the pillars so I got up and ran to where they where. Then the building started to really move back and forth we ran out of the room and headed to the stairs where everyone else was standing trying to get down. Out of the building when we got down to the bottom of the building we went to where the pool was and the water was moving weird  so we waited there till the water had settled down. Then went back to the room which is on the 6 floor all night I had bad dreams and kept waking up to having goose bumps I not sure if that is because I still could feel the energy of the movement that I did feel or was feeling it is a new energy to my body so I am unable right now to understand it but I hope soon if it does happen again I will be able to remember it.


Anyone else been in a earth quake please post a comment I am just glad I am going home soon I hope it will not be happing again they say California is going to have one coming soon I hope not it is a horrid feeling I don’t like it at all.  


Mike Murphy

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