Depression and Suicide
By Diane Vanas on August 21st, 2008(viewed 1680 times).


Overcoming Obstacles to Treatment of Clinical Depression

The Basic Premise to Treatment


You cannot just do nothing and expect it to go away.

Somehow, someway, YOU MUST change, improve, or correct your brain chemistry before you will feel good again.


Happiness is a chemical in your brain 

We were first a physical organism, an embryo growing in the womb. And although the mystery of consciousness is great... Until our brains physically develop, we have no way of thinking, feeling, or expressing ourselves. Before and above everything else, in these bodies, on this earth, in this realm, our brain and it's chemistry makes us who we are.

Too little or too much of any brain chemical

  • alters our behavior
  • takes away our happiness
  • creates a different personality
  • changes our destiny.

It is in great part, brain nutrition that fills our heart with happiness and love, reason and compassion, forgiveness and understanding. It gives us the ability to tolerate all the stress in the world and appreciate all the beauty in life. The nutrition we receive today can compensate for genetic predisposition and a terrible childhood.


Emotions come from chemicals the body makes from nutrients in the food we eat. Without a full range of nutrients entering the body on a regular basis, we cannot manufacture enough crucial brain chemicals to create a happy, emotionally balanced & stable personality. And no matter how good we want to feel or how kind we want to be, we literally may not be capable of producing the quality of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we want in ourselves. We are stuck with being too sensitive, upset, miserable, negative, tired, depressed, angry, and suicidal. We have no energy. We cannot think positive or respond to motivation. A part of our personality is dead. We can only feel what is left to feel - bad.


How did we get sick?


Look at yourself as an alien on a slab. How does this organism function - what should it eat - what does it need to live? Does our environment provide? The Koala Bear eats only eucalyptus leaves (If we cooked the eucalyptus leaves, the Koala would die.) Wild animals eat what they are supposed to eat. We don't do that. We live on random food choices. We eat what tastes good. We are not scientific about what we eat. That isn't the kind of beings we are. Our creativity, ingenuity, and our need for enjoyment has given us lots of foods that we love to eat but don't supply the nutrients we really need. We have all taken our health for granted far too long and haven't really understood our body's health, let alone our mental health. Don't be ashamed - We all need better nutrition. But with the way we eat, how can we expect to feel our best?

Most of us just do not get enough of each nutrient for days, months, and years at a time. Most of us are running a deficiency in many of the nutrients we need to make those precious brain chemicals - and with many of us genetically predisposed, no wonder there is so much depression. Am I saying we have to eat perfectly? No Way !! It's not going to happen. We all do the best we can, and even if we tried, we couldn't eat enough good foods to make up for a lifelong deficit. And worrying too much about every bite we eat makes life miserable and stressful too.

What can we do for now?

For now, nutritional supplements can fill the gaps. Gaining knowledge of their properties and how to safely use them can help restore those lost nutrients crucial to mental health. Supplements can greatly improve your mood & temperament, and reduce your oversensitivity and over-reaction to people and circumstances. You can have less upsets, less negative reactions, less suicidal episodes. Supplements can also compensate for genetic mood-chemistry problems too. For some, a multiple vitamin can make a big difference. For others, larger doses of individual nutrients are required.



Some people are lucky enough to have an antidepressant work quick, easy, first time, and long term with no other help or side affects. Drugs can sort of re-wire the brain - bypassing or altering the function of problem areas... You may need to start out with antidepressants. Then if you want to do more, build up your health and replenish your brain chemistry with supplements. Work with your doctor. Maybe you can go off drugs sooner or later.

You need support - accept support

Talking Can Make The Difference

You've got to "break the seal" of that closed up, pent up emotion pod. Talking it out with a doctor, family or friend, can actually change your brain chemistry for a while or even permanently. Don't go it alone - Let people help you get through. Choose wisely: Make sure it is someone who is understanding or willing to learn a bit about the reality of depression for your sake. It can actually be easier to talk to a total stranger. Try going to a new medical doctor or better yet, a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor in person or online - just to help you talk about it and cry about it for the first time. Maybe then you can include family.


Absolutely - you need help - accept help, But don't rely on others - rely on yourself.

Most Doctors are not good with details - they miss the fine points and are always in a hurry - even the very best. They just don't have the time and cannot be there with you in your daily life. If you rely on them to save you - it is you who will suffer, you who will die. And even though you may not want to live right now - You must not die. Please stay alive. Life can be wonderful without depression.

Your pain and suffering are your motivation. Become your own health detective. Learn about depression, antidepressants and nutrients. The more you know, the more power you will have over your own survival & happiness.

Start your health library. You can buy books online. Print online material. Go to the library - if you have the energy

New ways of treating the Depressions are coming out all the time. Lots of research is being done on the use of nutrients to correct deficiencies in people with depression.

Treat Yourself Tenderly

Just like you would treat someone you love very much who was very sick and in the hospital.

Get Treatment - Get Well.

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