Can Parasites cause my thyroid To fail!
By Michael Murphy on January 28th, 2009(viewed 4869 times).

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For the last year I have been struggling to lose the 15lbs I gained since getting married in September of 2005. I didn’t actually gain any weight until 6 months after the wedding. I thought it was so odd that it took that long for me to gain anything since I was basically eating everything my husband was - and it wasn’t good. No matter what I did I just kept bouncing around the same five pounds.

I really thought that I must not be doing this right and I started getting paranoid that I had to do everything 100% “right” 24/7/365 or I wouldn’t loose any weight. I just could not function like that. I would stick to my plan for 1 day and then the next have a little something (maybe like a little bit of ice cream) and then beat myself over it.

In January my husband and I decided to get back on track so we started going to the gym every morning and eating properly. He lost weight almost instantly. Within 2 months he was down 20lbs! Where was I? Still bouncing around the same old 5lbs.

Last month I started feeling really tired and could hardly keep my eyes open past 8:30! I didn’t know what was wrong with me so I did some research and found that felling groggy along with other symptoms I had (feeling cold all the time, hair falling out, dry skin, fluid retention, failing memory, acne and of course difficulty losing weight) were all pointing to hypothyroidism - or a slow thyroid.

My mother told me about a simple at home test I could try. You just take a digital thermometer and place under your armpit before rising from in the morning. If it consistently reads below 97.4 degrees for 7 days there’s a pretty good chance my thyroid is low.

Well, I set up the appointment with my doctor and in the meantime took this test on my own. I was getting a constant reading below 97.4 degrees. When I showed my doctor my research and she kind of poo-poo’d it and told me that the only they test for it is with a blood draw. I went ahead and did that, but I was rater upset that she didn’t seem to take me seriously. I got a call with the results a few days later saying that the test came back negative and that there is nothing medically wrong with me. I just need to eat right and exercise. WHAT?! Isn’t that what I’ve been doing all along? How could you possibly say there is nothing wrong with me when I can barely keep my eyes open past 8:30 for no apparent reason?

Needles to say I decided to get a second opinion and set up an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. I showed him my research and he tested me. He said that it did seem like I had a sluggish thyroid and that I have an issue with parasites. He gave me a few remedies to try and I coupled that with a few things my mother had me try.

It’s been a few weeks and I feel great! My stress level is down, my sleeping patterns have gone back to normal, I can tolerate cold a little bit more. I am not completely recovered, but I know I’m well on my way. I ready to start a new exercise routine again and I think this will give me a jumping platform to my road to weight loss.

My current stats are:

Weight: 153 lbs

Waist: 29 1/2″

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If anyone els knows the answer to this question please post links to the source....

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