Bach Flowers for Pets
By Diane Vanas on August 22nd, 2008(viewed 1966 times).




Rescue Remedy: Helpful and soothing for many fearful, traumatized, anxious or ill animals. Fear and panic caused by travel, noises, new home, new people, trip to veterinarian, storms, injury and for any reason. (Try the Rescue Remedy SPRAY bottle for ease in administering or for misting the environment.)


Aspen and Mimulus for fear. Aspen is for fear when you do not know what you are afraid of and Mimulus is for when you know what scares you. Use Mimulus when you can tell what the animal is skittish about. Since from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view kidney problems are related to the emotion of fear, use Mimulus in those cats with kidney disease. Aspen: For animals that are very fearful, for no apparent reason, and are very sensitive to anxiety and apprehension. For horses that startle. Fear of riding in the car: They may even tremble. Often it is hard to tell if the reason for fear is known or not, so Aspen is often combined with Mimulus.


Mimulus: Fear of known things, such as thunderstorms, vacuum cleaner, other animals or people.  Again it is often combined with Aspen. Shy & timid animals.


Cherry Plum: For the animal that loses control, becoming crazed and wild.


Crab Apple: Skin problems can sometimes be helped due to the cleansing of the body and getting rid of toxins done by this remedy. It acts more on the physical body than any of the other Bach essences. Fussy animals often need it. It can be diluted and applied to the skin as well as given internally.


Chestnut Bud: When instilling a new behavior pattern in an animal, or for beginning training. It can also help break an old habit. It has been used in cats that are not using their litter boxes. Failure to learn from past mistakes is the key to this remedy. Dogs who can’t seem to be house trained, cats who often go outside their box, apparent stubbornness in repeating “bad” actions. Animals that keep up a bad behavior – licking the owner, licking the floors, eating stool, eating paper or plastic, even chewing or itching on the skin.


Chicory: is good for jealous or needy animals.  Very territorial. Possessive and selfish are keywords here. Animals who guard their food bowl or toys and are over-possessive. Cats that rub against your legs constantly.


Holly: is good for animals that are acting angry out of feeling a lack of love. It sometimes helps jealous animals. When an animal with liver problems is being treated and you think anger could be a part of the problem or started the problem - consider Holly, even in a very nice, sweet animal. When cats urinate in front of you, check for a bladder infection, but sometimes it is anger at the guardian for working too much and Holly could be useful. Anger, jealousy, suspicion, crabbiness, irritability and even viciousness without a need for attention is a match for Holly, even if it only shows up some of the time or in certain places (at the groomers?).


Honeysuckle: is good for wanting things the way they used to be. This could be a cat that can no longer go outdoors, or vice versa; when a family or couple splits up; when a child goes to college; when puppies leave their mom. Animals who are sad after a change in their life – weaning, going to a new home or handler, owner going back to work, being kenneled or taken to a different house for a while may need Honeysuckle. The Key is “lives in the past."


Star of Bethlehem: Abused or mistreated in the past. Any present or past trauma or shock; for loss of owner, surgery, used by animal shelters & rescue homes.


Vervain: Those super enthusiastic animals that are over-bearing and “wired” may benefit from Vervain. Tenseness and hyperanxiety are the keys here. They “run a thing to death”. Dogs who jump up on visitors. Often needed when the people are worn out by the hyperactivity and excess energy of their animals.


Vine: is good for cats that rule the household, causing problems for themselves (stress), and others in the household. Domineering and inflexibility are the keys to Vine. These dominant animals want to be the boss of animals and the people in their life. They can even be bullies to smaller animals and use their power to resist discipline. They can be cruel.

Water Violet: Unfriendly, stand-offish; does not invite or welcome cuddles, petting or affection.

Walnut: Walnut is so much deeper than how it is often used. Walnut implies an element of staying with your own beliefs during times of radical transition and remaining strong and clear in your convictions and path rather than giving in to outside influences. So it is probably not the first choice for puppies leaving their mom and going to a new home. Rescue Remedy would probably be first choice for the stress, trauma and anxiety associated with weaning. Walnut is frequently used for other transition times such as impending death. It is good when the animal’s housing is moved or the animal is introduced into a new circumstance. Wonderful to use before there are changes such as teething, breeding, weaning, moving, adjusting to new animals or people, or dying. Walnut helps the animal decide to actually make the changes or to be at peace with changes decided upon by you, the guardian.


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